Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hump-day Top 5 List

Hump-day, hump-day, sat on a wall ... Well, *I'm* spending this hump-day with my sassy relations, goofing off, watching movies, and eating home cooking. (Don't hate me too much, though, as this is the only vacation I'm getting all summer.) But the rest of you poor working shmoes need your top 5 list. I understand. Today's list-generating question is: What are your top 5 most hated chores? Here are mine:

1. Washing the dishes. This has been a lifelong hatred - my mom once took a picture of me washing dishes in high school, to commemorate the extremely rare occasion. As a kid, I would trade ANY chore to get out of doing the dishes. Not having a dishwasher in my current apartment has only aggravated the situation, and I'm afraid Chad ends up doing the lion's share of the dishes.

2. Vacuuming. Oooh, I hate vacuuming. The noise, the allergy-inducing dust, the even louder noise when it sucks up a penny you were too lazy to pick up off the floor ... YUCK.

3. Taking out the garbage. Especially in the middle of a Minnesota winter. Or when it's 90 degrees outside. Or when it's raining. OK, pretty much all the time.

4. Laundry. It's not that I mind doing it so much, it's just that it's so damn time-consuming. And you can't really do anything else at the same time. I love *having* clean laundry, but by the time I get around to doing it I'm usually scraping the bottom of the wardrobe barrel. I probably have close to 30 pair of underwear just from buying clean ones between doing laundry. I know: I'm gross.

5. Cleaning out the litter box. This one would be higher on the list, except I almost never have to do it anymore - just one of the many reasons I looooove my hubby.

Bonus: one of the chores I actually don't mind doing that most people dislike is cleaning the bathroom. I'm a whiz at bathroom cleaning, and I kind of enjoy it.

OK, what are your most hated chores?