Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mmmm .... materialism

I'm back at work after my wee Christmas break, and man does it suck. One good thing is that lots of people are taking their vacations this week, so at least the office will be pretty quiet. But still ... I'd rather be at home washing dishes and doing laundry than at work blogsurfing. And that should tell you all you really need to know.

Christmas was good this year, though. Chad and I (and the incipient baby) got an insane amount of presents. Insane. And I know I should be old enough to have a mind above the crass materialism of the holiday season, but fuck it. I freaking love getting stuff. Even completely useless stuff is awesome when it's a gift. Some highlights: The complete Chronicles of Narnia in hardcover; the complete Oxford Jane Austen; two sets of 500+ count cotton sheets (oh, the luxury!); and a divinely ugly mask from Thailand (I collect masks). But the very, very, very BEST present of all was a fully loaded 15" Powerbook G4, given to me by my husband who is clearly insane, but in an increasingly lovable manner. I just about fell off the sofa when I opened it. God, it is an awesome computer. It's so ... shiny! And pretty! And ... Mac-tastic! Chad's rationale: 1) with the young sprout coming, this is the last year we'll be able to splurge on each other for a while; 2) it was the only thing he could afford from this list. Who can resist a charmer like that? I can't wait to get home and play with it some more.

What did you get for Xmas/Hannukah?