Thursday, January 19, 2006

The thing is ...

... if you really want to know whether black people were offended by Hilary's "plantation" remarks on Monday, maybe you should ask them (scroll down for comments):

"As an African American I can say that the BLACK community is NOT upset about Hillary's comments. By and large African-Americans think that Republican policies have hurt our community. There is NOT much love for the GOP by Blacks, especially after Katrina. We are NOT offended by the word 'plantation'."
"The republicans I know all refer to yesterday as: Martin Luther Koon Day. Martin Luther Koon Day.... Hillary is right to play the Plantation Card. We have been demanding she stand up to her Democrat responsibilities."
"I am black and was not offended. I guess you have to be black in this country to undertand where Senator Clinton was coming from. Do what massa says or suffer the consequences!"
"As an African American I completely agree with what she said, and I think it’s about time somebody started talking to the black community in such a manner. Maybe white America was offended, sorry, but welcome to our world. It seems ok for so may people to talk around us and wonder what black America thinks but so few people are really willing to say anything about it. WAKE UP!!! Blacks and a lot of other Americans are being treated like slaves. Not allowed to speak or express them or be labeled as traitors. And here you all go capitulating! Want more evidence the house is like a plantation, how many black people do you see in the house, what are we up to seven. No wonder the republicans are walking all over us. Grow a pair!"

Via Twisty. See also Obama's and Sharpton's responses, not to mention this very interesting Google search, via Atrios.