Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hump Day Top 5 List

Right. I am plumb out of ideas for the Top 5 list this week. Everything I can think of sounds terminally, irretrievably putrid. So, as is my wont in such circumstances, I'm passing the buck. What do YOU want to make lists of? This week, give me your top 5 "top 5 list" topics. The ones that catch my fancy will be featured in future weeks, with nods to their creators. Here's my list, so you know how desperately I need yours:

1. Top 5 things thought of while sitting in a lukewarm bath last night

2. Top 5 things to do with lint (belly button or dryer varieties)

3. Top 5 colors of pens in my pen jar

4. Top 5 reasons it's not irrational of me to just buy new socks/underwear when all my other pairs are dirty

5. Top 5 overrated office products.

... So you can see that I'm in bad shape. Help me Obi-Wan! You're my only hope!