Friday, February 03, 2006


The "Politopia" quiz on the website of the "Institute for Humane Studies" at George Mason University is worth a few minutes of web time today. It's ostensibly a means to see where you fit into the geography of American politics. Check out the map of Politopia first, and then take the quiz. When I did, I wound up in Centerville,

which means that you are more or less pleased the status quo-you think the US government has just about the right amount of control over your economic and personal decisions. Your neighbors include democratic and republican party leaders and others who call themselves "moderates" and "centrists."
This is a funny conclusion, given that I made the most-lefty choice in almost every question except the one about corporate subsidies, which I think oughta be abolished. I love the map generated after I took the quiz:

Note that there are no political figures north or west of Centerville except GWB, but that FDR gets to share space with Hitler and Stalin. Why not a good ol' Tom DeLay way up in the northwest corner, up where they love personal freedom (except the right to privacy) and unfettered markets (except in defense, pharmaceuticals, media...)?

I'd be interested to hear where others landed, either legitimately or by skewing their answers in one way or the other. Can you get anyone besides a comedian and a hack novelist to show up in the NW corner?