Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Immigration Raids - Update

From the Minnesota Monitor:

A federal grand jury has indicted 19 defendants among the 230 arrested in Worthington last week on knowingly using the social security numbers of unwitting people to gain employment. The 20th defendant was accused of re-entering the U.S. after being deported.

So far, only 85 people have been charged with a crime out of the more than 1,300 undocumented immigrants who have been rounded up in a surprise raid at Swift & Co. meatpacking plants in Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Iowa and Minnesota on Dec. 12.

Records at the U.S. attorney’s office show that eight of the defendants are from Mexico, seven from Guatemala, four from El Salvador and one from Honduras.

On Monday, bail hearings for those arrested in Worthington was held at the Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s (ICE's) office in Bloomington.

Meanwhile, ICE continues to release single parents whose children have no care in their absence. On Monday, a woman from Guatemala was released after a babysitter informed authorities that her 13-month old son needs care.
I'll bet that 13-month old did well by being deprived of his mother for seven days. And 85 indictments from 1,300 arrests? That's a 6% yield rate. Let's see what the conviction rate is. I'm going to with "zero."

Well played, Feds, well played.