Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This made me laugh. As many of you know, I’m not too jazzed about my job for many reasons. So perhaps the laughter was just a misguided release for the tears waiting to stream from this soulless vessel. Again, I’ll write more when I’m in the clear. Many of my co-workers are either a stunning combination of ignorance and arrogance, or just plain dumb. The smart ones left (including my fellow snackers) or are trying to leave. So, when I saw the toaster with a metal fork next to it in one of the kitchenette areas, I thought I must have a co-conspirator* who is not happy with most of the warm bodies populating a cold sea of grey cubes (aka personal productivity pods) and wants to see them d-d-d-dance.

* Those that really know me know that I wouldn’t subject anyone to this kind prank, as it is too simple, given the environment. Also, in middle school and high school I conducted my own experiments with electricity and conductive materials. Suffice it to say, it hurts when you hook up your electric train’s power supply to your braces.