Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Wonder If It Remembers Me

In a melancholy manner, I’m reflecting back on the milieu that is the past six-plus years of my work life. This week I resigned my position with the Pseudonymous Organization. I’m leaving PO next week. Shortly thereafter I will start with a local consulting firm, doing more of what I did before I went to PO. To capture some of my thinking and feelings about life at PO, I’ve decided to capture them in “moments.” My moments will have pop culture ties. For those that don’t know, the PO has moments awards that are meant to demonstrate when one goes above and beyond. However, the recognition tends to do more harm than good as when a moments award was presented, it tended to be more of a regurgitation of one’s job description, rather than something extraordinary. With that, off to the moments.

I Wonder If It Remembers Me Moment
In Life Aquatic, Zissou (played by Bill Murray) and his team see the Jaguar Shark. In a somewhat sublime moment, Zissou wonders if the shark remembers him. After the official announcement of my resignation went out, many complimentary emails came my way. The Jaguar Shark, though, was the one from the CEO.

The Stripes Moment
Sticking with Bill Murray, my Stripes moment was really most of my career at PO. I had ten managers in six years. Seven of the previous nine are no longer with the company. I had four different managers in 2006. So, I kind of felt like Winger and company telling General Barnicke that I’ve completed training (or numerous projects) on my own. Where are seven of your previous nine managers? Blown up sir!

The Man Who Wasn’t There Moment
In my exit interview with HR, the HR rep (who’s fairly new to the company) starts off with “so, you’ve been with the company for about two years.” No, over six years, I’ve been on this project for about two years. “But you were a consultant, then full-time?” No, I’ve always been full-time here. I was a consultant before I came here and I’m leaving to join a consulting organization. Christ, aren’t there supposed to be files on employees. I would think the basics on file would be name, SS#, hire date.

I Can’t Believe I’m Losing To This Guy Moment
From the SNL skit about the 1988 presidential debate we had this exchange:

George Bush: Let me sum up. On track, stay the course. Thousand points of light.
Diane Sawyer: Governor Dukakis. Rebuttal?
Michael Dukakis: I can't believe I'm losing to this guy!

Recently, PO has had a rash of promotions of folks to directors. The publicly stated reasons for their promotions sound much like the moments awards (i.e., they fulfilled their job duties and descriptions). Others were promoted for completing a small project or just being on a project where nothing has been delivered. The combination of boss number ten and the criteria for promotion finally converged to provide enough energy to leave.

The Water Pump Moments.
This one’s for Rebecca, Elise, and Christopher. Err…ah…um ad nauseum.

I will continue this topic later. However, I would like to take a minute to thank everyone that helped with the search and transition. Also, it is worth noting that with a transition like this it’s also interesting to see what’s happened in my personal life over the past six years which include marry an incredibly awesome woman, buy a house with IAW, have a daughter with IAW, etc. That seems to help keep things in perspective (cue Doogie Howser close).