Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rich and Wrong

Radar Online has just published a great piece which looks at eight pundits' attitudes toward going to war in Iraq (four were pro, four were con) and their careers since weighing in. Asks the magazine, "surely those who warned us not to invade Iraq have been recognized and rewarded, and those who pushed for this disaster face tattered credibility and waning career prospects. Could it be any other way in America?"

The sad answer:

pro war and now "getting rich by being wrong"
Thomas Friedman (NY Times, every other table at Barnes & Noble)
Peter Beinart (the New Republic)
Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek, etc.)
Jeffrey Goldberg (the New Yorker)

anti war and now "right but poor"
Robert Scheer (former LA Times columnist)
William S. Lind (a little-known conservative writer)
Jonathan Schell (the Nation and Harper's)
Scott Ritter (former WMD inspector)

My wallet's telling me it's time to attack Iran. Who's with me?