Friday, March 02, 2007

Who is Rudy McRomney?

Why, he's the mash-up of the three GOP frontrunners for the 2008 presidential nomination, and he's an emblem of everything the conservative die-hards hate. Steve Benen:

The "Rudy McRomney" tag is apparently becoming the new buzz phrase among conservatives looking for a far-right candidate. There’s something “wrong” with all of them — Giuliani has embraced liberal social policies, McCain sponsored campaign-finance reform legislation, Romney disagreed with the right on everything up until a few minutes ago...
Who's the antidote to Rudy McRomney? Dude named James Gilmore, a former governor of Virginia and the kind of guy who says things like, "I intend to pursue our party’s nomination for president [and] I will represent the Republican wing of the Republican Party."

Obama and Clinton must be smiling.