Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Week of Pop Culture

It has been a great week (really eight days), from Tuesday May 8 – Tuesday May 15. Pam and I went to Elvis Costello at The Myth. On Thursday, I made a game-time decision to catch the Sox play the Twins – sat in the 25th row directly behind home plate (Contreras pitched nine to shutout the Twins). Later that night, worked with a volunteer group working on website to combine new media, citizen journalism and political activism – I’ll post more about the group and the site as we launch. Even later that night, I got Joost (posted last week). On Friday, we went to a retirement party for Pam’s former boss (the picture above is a bobble head that someone had commissioned for him as a going away gift). Saturday Pam and I went to Prairie Home Companion to see Wilco. On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day, and to be quite frank, Fi did not hold up her end of the bargain – I think I did all of the shopping and driving that day. In her defense, Fi is three-for-three when it comes to successful sushi outings. We now know that she really likes tomago, but doesn’t like cucumbers. This flurry of pop culture activity is capped today with the release of Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky.

I’ll skip the reviews of the shows. Shabby Doll has an interesting review and commentary regarding the Elvis show on her blog.

I’d like to thank Elise and Chad for making arrangements to watch Fi on the 8th and thanks to Rin and Eric for watching Fi on Saturday. We owe you guys. It really does take a village to send aging “hipsters” to shows.