Monday, June 25, 2007

I’m addicted to grass

…bluegrass that is. C’mon, I work for a living. With my E-Music subscription, I’ve gone nuts on instrumentals. I'm addicted to the junk. Lot’s of Bluegrass tributes to bands like Wilco, Pink Floyd, REM, AC/DC, the Offspring, even Tenacious D (with a meta tribute, a bluegrass tribute to “Tribute”). The Wilco stuff is nice, sounds like it could have been on “Being There.” I’ve also stocked up on more of the Rockabye Baby series, adding Green Day, The Beatles, The Eagles, Coldplay, and No Doubt to Fiona’s collection. Why am I buying so much music without words? I think nearly 13 months of sleep deprivation is taking its toll and I’ve ridin' in the express lane with my I-Pass all the way to Crazyville.

The good news is I still have my feet.