Friday, August 10, 2007

Down from the Mountain

Boy, the 2007 Tour de France just won't stop. As doping accusations continue to spin out, today the tour winner, Alberto Contador, took the pulpit to say that

I have never doped and I have never participated in an act of doping. I won the Tour clean. I cannot understand the attacks against by people that don't even know me. My commitment is absolute and I will always be ready to collaborate in the fight against doping.
Thing is, he might be telling the truth, but it doesn't matter. Cycling's not only so badly tainted now that the freaking tour champion gets disinvited from middling races in which he wasn't even going to ride, but that his team - and the team on which Lance Armstrong rode to win his seven titles - can't even get a sponsor for the upcoming cycling season, and is disbanding. The team had eight of the last nine Tour de France championships, and can't get anyone to give them a few million a year. Imagine if the freaking Colts were kicked out of their stadium in the off-season, or the Cardinals were forced to move to an even crummier town - it's that crazy and bad.