Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Camp Wellstone and other random updates

Hello Snackers. My posting has been sporadic at best lately. Quality and quantity have been dropping. I’ve been rantless lately too…or at least no new rants. I’m filled with a crazy sense of optimism, even after the Bears choked in the playoffs. I know, the Sox and the Bears can’t win in the same 52-week period, unless the riders of the apocalypse are to soon follow. I have seen the Bears, Bulls and finally the White Sox win in my lifetime. The Sox championship had the most emotional impact for me, as there are so many family stories intertwined with Sox history.
Speaking of family, last week, Pam and had our 20-week ultrasound and everything is good/healthy/normal/positive for mom and baby. Additionally, we found out that we’re having a girl, or at least “95% sure.” What’s only the beginning of proud papa stories that will bore others, I was pleased to hear that she has “lots of brains” and very long legs. So, when the brain-eating zombies come, she should be able to easily run away. Lots of brains and long legs means she’s definitely taking after her mother. She was napping during most of her ultrasound and seemed a bit uncooperative. She’s taking after her father too.

I’m also getting back to contributing to politics and organizing – not for Vampyre Vlad’s gubernatorial campaign (on a side note, Starkey’s girlfriend was fired from her bus driving job shortly after his press conference to announce his desire to be your governor and suck your blood.). Yesterday I met with Frank Hornstein, my state rep. He’s liberal, he’s progressive, and he’s not afraid of being labeled in such a manner. Most likely, I’ll be volunteering on Frank’s campaign at a precinct level, but some details are yet to be determined.

This weekend I will be attending Camp Wellstone (more info can be found in the linked title to this post) to brush up on my campaign organizing skills. I’m not sure of the activities, but I’m looking forward to swimming, hiking and admittedly am a bit nervous about the potential panty raids that may be orchestrated by the activist campers. I plan to provide a summary to y’all after the weekend of progressive political training. (Cue soapbox) Even in off-year elections you can make a difference. Please remember to do your part to restore integrity at the local, state and national levels.

Ok, more later as work, life, sleep, will allow. Have a great week.